The 90s has proved its impact on fashion history. Bold colours and edgy looks. Theses looks are becoming increasingly popular and we encourage you to incorporate some 90s flare into your style. The following is how to guide to 90s vintage clothing.

An important first step when it comes to vintage shopping in general is knowing your references. If you want something 90s inspired, you have to know about grunge, prep, etc. Another step is to modernize the look so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a costume. Examples of 90s looks can be found below.

Look 1: Late 90’s to Early 2000’s 


We are inspired by the bad boys with hearts of gold of the late 90s and early 2000s. This type of character usually sported a pullover crewneck sweater with some sort of detailing, and that’s what we tried emulating with this look. We finished it off with a pair of motto denim to modernize the look and added a backpack as an accessory. Overall the look is definitely inspired by the era without going too overboard into costume territory.

Look 2: 90’s Bad Girl 


Graphic tee-s were a staple for the 90s bad girl, as it was a rebellion against the preppy look that the ‘popular’ female characters would wear. This oversized wolf tee really stood out as well as this high-waisted leather skirt. Adding these two together is a perfect way to modernize the look but still manage to pay homage to the bad girl image.

Look 3: 90’s Heartthrob 


These heartthrob characters tended to wear bright colored shirts with some sort of pattern on it, paired with jeans. That;s what we decided to go for in this look. We decided to cuffed the shirt to add a style element and help modernize it.

Look 3: Popular & Powerful


Powerful, popular women of the 90s wore button downs, blazers, and pencil skirts. This grey skirt that had tiny plaid detailing paired with a plain white button down is giving us this powerful woman fantasy.

Hopefully this helped and inspired you not only to shop vintage but to help incorporate 90s fashion in your own personal style. It’s fun to be creative and play with looks. Happy shopping!


Victor Guido

Serena Pellegrini

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